Biotek Labs

#1 Ancillary Service for Primary Care Doctors

Offer patients an exceptional service in-house & add a significant revenue stream

Best-in-Class Allergy Program

Comprehensive Testing

- Painless Scratch Test

- Panel of Top 60 Airborne Allergens

- Results in 20 Minutes

Customized Treatment

- Convenient Treatment Model

- Customized Immunotherapy

- Unparalleled Patient Safety

- Patient-Focused Delivery Model

Behind the Scenes

- Pre-authorizations

- Lab Scheduling & Follow-ups

- Billing & Collecting

- Denial & Clarification Responses

Benefits for your Practice

- Reinforced Patient Centered Medical Home

- Enhanced Continuity of Care

- Patient Satisfaction & Retention

- Leading Source of Ancillary Revenue w/Minimal Investment

What Our Patients Say


“I’m happy to say that immunotherapy has greatly improved my daughter’s quality of life! No more hives, congestion, watery eyes! She can be outside for long periods of time w/o being miserable!” – Jada 

“Allergy shots have improved my son’s daily life 100%! No more snoring, itchy throat, stuffy nose! Best thing we could have done!” - Devon  

“Big improvement in my daughter’s allergies. No more hives from being around dogs. The headaches have lessened immensely. We love the allergy shots!” – Kya 

“I’m feeling better each week! I work outside and am not having problems with pollen. Thank you so much!” – Gregory  

 “The process has been very easy and effective. The improvements are incredible! I would highly recommend this to others.” – Megan 

“Definitely have noticed a better quality of life & less symptoms. I’m glad I had this done and wish I had years ago!” – Melissa


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